Qalander-e-Douran Hazrat Sahabzada Haq Khateeb Hussain Ali Badshah Sarkar(M.E)

Sahabzada Haq Khatteb Hussain is one of the most eminent spiritual therapists, faith healers and Walli Allah (Friend of Allah) of his time. He is commonly known by the names ' Haq Khatteb Hussain Ali Badshah Sarkar ' and ' Haq Badshah Sarkar'.
He is the custodian of Institution and Shrine of Darbar-e- Aaliyia Balawara Sharif, Kotli Sattian, Rawalpindi, Pakistan and all branches of Balawara Sharif across the world. He follows Qadri, Qalandri and Naqshbandi pathway of spirituality. He believes and teaches that Allah is the ultimate source of power and attorney and Hazrat Mohammed S.A.W is the messenger and beloved prophet of Allah who is the leader and Imam of all prophets. He advocates love for Ahle-bait , As'haab e Rasool S.A.W and saints of all times. He is spiritually bait with Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani of Baghdad Sharif and he is source of all of his powers and blessings in spiritual world. He loves and cherishes position and role of Hadrat Ali R.U and bows his head to the sacrifice of the greatest martyr of all times Hadrat Imam Hussain E.S. His Holiness 's motto is to save the lives of humans and non- human and to help them and alleviate their sufferings.
He has millions of disciples, devotees and followers across the world. He has seen more than 30 million people face to face in the last 15 years who came to visit him for meeting of blessing. People from all walks of life like to visit him for their physical illness / sickness, for spiritual guidance , social problems, domestic problems and guidance in general. He is very well known to cure medical and non medical incurable diseases like neurological disorders, all kinds of malignancies, chronic disabling diseases and uncategorised, weird kind of diseases which can not be treated, cured or controlled through modern kind of scientific techniques. Most of the people who present themselves to him are those who are declared incurable by medical professionals and medical institutions. His treatment with Dua (Prays), Air Blow (Dam), Battian, Taweez and recitation of Quranic verses (Wazifa) are very effective For all kind of diseases and problems. He has given a new look to the aetiology of diseases which can't be explained by the modern medical world. A lot people have started doing research on his simple methodology of treating illnesses. Best thing is that his treatment does not interfere with any other scientific or conventional methods of treatment of present day.

He is very well known for Karamats (Miracles) . Paralysed people start walking, the mute start talking, the deaf start listening, the blinds start seeing, salty and distasteful water becomes sweet in wells and tube wells, missing people get found , insane and psychotic people gain sanity , drug addicts quit drugs and last but not the least, people on wrong / devilish pathways start following divine and ethical life and make it purposeful. His treatment and services are open for everyone of all sects, faiths, races and have no geographic boundaries. He is well respected in all religious and non religious circles for his tolerant teachings. He and all of his devotees and disciples promote global love, peace and tolerance not only across the Muslim world, but also in non- Muslim circles. That is why people from all faiths including Hindus , Sikhs, Christians and others love to visit him and seek help for their problems and issues. He is one of the most charitable person alive today who has fed and helped financially millions of poor and deserving people. He supports and encourages all humanitarian works across the globe.
More than 25-30 thousand people visit him everyday for meeting of blessing and free food is served the whole day to all visitors. All of his services including treatments are provided free of any costs in the name of Allah and His messenger S.A.W. May Allah shower his blessings upon him and his family and bless them with a long and healthy life. Ameen