Instructions:Instructions for the Devotees and Disciples

Tuesday is usually holiday but emergency telephonic calls are usually taken by His Holiness after 10am in the morning.

There is good local private and public transport services available towards all three Astanas (Cloister and abbey) during the day time and evening till 10 pm.

His Holiness continues his services on Bank Holidays and National Holidays.

In exceptional circumstances notice for cancellation of consultation can be read in local and national newspapers. This notice is usually given 1 day prior to consultation day.

The devotees and disciple in Pakistan can call His Holiness before 12 midnight except in emergencies when His Holiness can be contacted at any time.

The devotees and disciples abroad should call after midnight Pakiatan standard time except in urgent matters.

Please be patient with longer waiting time, due to high number of calls His Holiness has to attend.

Consultations are made first come and first served basis. Tickets numbers system is no longer in practice.

Please be patient and wait for your turn. Try to keep your conversation with His Holiness as shorter as possible so that other people can also be seen.

If there is something very private which you want to discuss with His Holiness you can bring pre-written letter as well.

During consultation please listen to the instructions and advise of His Holiness very carefully and practice as instructed.

Elderly and very sick people are given priority.

Please follow the instructions of khadims of the darbar/astanas and contact them if you need any help.

Due to large gatherings of the devotees and patients seeking consultations, it is practically impossible to book an appointment. Please don’t insist for this.